When is the best time to move to Australia and which Australian city to choose

The best time to move to Australia? Undoubtedly summer … remember that the seasons are reversed, so the southern summer begins in November! Why not enjoy our perfect Italian summer, work hard and take a last look at the Mediterranean, then leave in September, continue for another summer and maybe return to Italy in June and return to the third summer in a row? How wonderful is it to forget winter?

In addition to the endless summer, there are also important reasons: arriving in Australia in the spring and that is September-October (maximum) it is easier to find work , particularly in tourism and catering, since the summer season is approaching, there is a tendency to hire more and reinforce staff. Not to mention that fruit picking also has a significant increase in spring.

If your priority is to work immediately, avoid the months from November, December, January because if you arrive too much under the Christmas holidays it will be difficult to find work, everyone will be ready with their staff or on vacation. Remember that in Australia the Christmas holidays coincide with the summer holidays, so the job market is immobile until early February. The winter months like June and August are perfect, because there are not many international students and young people in working holiday visa and it will be easier to find work. Go to the warm Queensland to overwinter and go down as soon as the good weather arrives.

What Australian city do I choose? Where do I arrive?
In my opinion it is not so important, because you have to see it all Australia and your landing point, your personal fatal shore (the fatal landing, as it is called that of the first settlers in English) is only the beginning , your starting point.

Choose a city among the large ones (also because they are better connected from Europe), choose between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane . Keep in mind that Sydney and Melbourne are cities of six million inhabitants, real metropolises, with a very high cost of living. Be prepared. Brisbane is between 8% 10% cheaper and makes (only) three million inhabitants, in my opinion excellent for the first impact. Perthit is certainly a beautiful city, but it is far from the east coast where there is greater population density and where there are other large cities: starting from Perth one would remain a bit isolated… think that between Brisbane and Perth there are six hours of plane, that is, like Rome – NewYork. Flights are quite expensive so maybe you risk being a little trapped, while on the east coast you can move cheaply and more easily.

Arrive in the city you like best and later, when you have settled in, start going ahead and see if you want to move and try another city, a small center or to work in the countryside. There is no hurry, nothing must be perfect from the beginning, start and let yourself be carried away by events.