Tips For Growing Your Small Business

Growth is a business phenomena, but it needs directed and concentrated efforts. The day a business is commenced, the process of growth is commenced too. Fifty customers today will increase to hundred tomorrow. Along with other office renovations with tile suppliers adelaide, if the business entity does not plan its activities to cater for the needs of the customers it will not be able to serve the enhanced number giving a stoppage to the process of growth. A minute study of the peculiar nature of small business has lead to three tiers of growth strategy as  enumerated below:

Customer Focus

Growth of small businesses largely depends on the customer’s satisfaction. A good business entity keeps itself fully abreast of the needs of the customer. Business dynamics are ever changing, and so are the needs and wants of the customer. Growth policy should always evolve around customer needs. Customer satisfaction which is key to a business’ success largely depends on the expertise of the business’ owner to have a proactive approach in identifying needs of the customer. Well planned strategy can enable a business to develop its operational strategies in this regard. This can also enable a business house to play its role in development of the needs of the customers. Logistics required for satisfaction of needs can be planned ahead giving an impression that the enterprise is capable to meet needs of the customer. A satisfied customer is an ambassador of goodwill. Obtaining feedback from the customers at different intervals not only provides input for development but also gives an impression to the customer that his opinion matters. Strong customer base is always instrumental in growth strategies.

Development of customer based MIS

A thank you note on the mobile after customers visit develops a sense of importance in the customer’s mind. Besides interacting via social media on events that have significance in the life of the customer promote belongingness ultimately developing loyalty amongst the customers. Caring notes and messages at different time frames are also of utmost importance. Updating the customers on different promotions and ensuing changed concepts are also necessary. The softwares should be such that reports are generated on the business augmented from a specific customer. Management should analyze the variances and appropriate notes be shared in light of the variance.Gratitude if variance is positive and seek suggestions if variance is negative. This will create the impression of Care for the customer strengthening business relations.

Continuous Human Resource Development

The Human resource of a business has a major role in business growth. Depending upon the size of the business both formal and informal modes are to be adopted for training the manpower to meet challenges of growth and development. When organizations become customer oriented, the role of  manpower becomes more important. Motivating employees to play their role needs concentrated efforts on this front too. Giving awards on the service commonly practised as employee of the month can give others a motivation to achieve this. Group discussion on weekly intervals with employees on their experiences with customers can be the most appropriate way to encourage employees to modify themselves with the business change. For example a motivational talk on smile wins customers’ confidence to open vistas.