The benefits of stone cladding for the walls

If you want to enhance the visual impact of your outdoor and indoor space you should definitely consider going for stone cladding. Instead of going for the traditional wall decorations you can use this effective and durable material as an alternative.

The following are a few benefits of stone cladding for the walls and why it is a popular finish with homeowners.

Why go for stone cladding?

Using a natural material like stone for the indoor and outdoor space is a desirable option to add authenticity and depth to it. Stone cladded walls look beautiful and rustic at the same time. Also sand stone is unique and you are hardly going to find two pieces which look the same. It is the very discrepancy in all of the stone blocks which make them stand apart and give the stone walls a distinctive look.

One way of using the stone cladded walls is by connecting the outdoor space with the indoor space in a continuous cladded wall. You can begin the cladding in the interior of your home and go towards the exterior porch giving the place a sense of continuity.

Another reason for choosing stones as a cladding material is the color and the variety which it offers. You can choose colors like sand and beige for an earthy looking feel. On the other hand if you are concerned about keeping the temperature of your home lower than usual you can go for a cooler tone like greyish blue or the more dark looking charcoal grey.

Stone cladding brings durability to your walls

Another reason why designers prefer using stone wall cladding is the durability which it offers when used as an exterior application. It not only helps strengthen the wall but also provides a strong insulation which can prevent energy loss from within your home. It can help insulate the walls and prevent the extreme weather conditions from having an impact on the temperature within your homes.

Stone cladding walls are low maintenance

If you use any other material like concrete or resin, you may need to pay some attention to its upkeep. On the other hand when you make use of stone cladding you really do not have to worry about maintaining the walls. Since stone is tough and durable it can weather all kinds of extreme conditions. All it needs is a good spray with some for water and a solution of chlorine and it is good to go. Plus you only have to carry out the screening in about two or three months so that the was remain looking fresh.

Another important feature of stone cladding  which shouldn’t be ignored is that it is fire resistant. If you live in a place which is prone to frequent fire breakouts or if you want to ensure the security of your home you must definitely consider investing in stone cladding.

Make sure that you get the stone cladding done from a reputable supplier like KLS Sandstone in Sydney.